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Marion Coulomb – Born in 1991, in Valence (France)

After a school career around graphic arts during which I discovered film and digital photography, I set off to discover different “natural environments” in France and abroad, notably in the Amazonian forest. In 2013, I trained in hiking support and environmental education.

In 2015, I was overwhelmed by the circus bodies which reminded me of everything I didn’t know about myself. What followed was my career as a circus artist, the creation of several shows, including only one on stage, testifying to the sexual violence suffered, while denouncing its systemic nature in society.

My body is today my main language of creation but also of activism.

Photography is for me a way of capturing this living language, in external environments in order to immerse myself in the world of “non-humans” and to compose with it, like a poetics of utopia.

Thibaud Ponce – Born in 1987, in Marseille (France)

My childhood was immersed in theater, music and painting. After an audiovisual BTS in editing, I moved towards cinema where I worked as an assistant director and decorator for around fifteen years. I also direct various short films and video clips.

Today, I combine my cultural activism and the defense of the environment thanks to my association ISSU which works for the preservation of urban soils with the aim of no longer opposing humans and non-humans.

My meeting with Marion Coulomb led me to build a photographic partnership where landscapes and human bodies magnetize each other: surveying plant, mineral and animal matter to continue to explore my own nature.

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