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IMAGE NATION PARIS 2023 Galerie Joseph Le Palais

Curated by Martin Vegas, ImageNation Paris – Paris Photo OFF offers an immersion in the heart of the image by highlighting more than 400 talented artists, with very diverse backgrounds and experiences, united by a common passion for photography. Through their creations, ImageNation explores the many ways of interpreting the world around us.

TOUR ORION - MONTREUIL 2023 Group exhibition / Tribune

This collective exhibition brought together six photographic artists. Their proposal is a free artistic forum, borrowing from each person’s journey, with nudity as a language.

“We perceive our daily lives as paintings that tell the story of our contemporary society. In all its beauty and ugliness. Soft and fierce.

This reflection around the meaning of the image has been going through us for a long time. Everyone in their own way thought about how to tell the world, how to use our artistic tools while taking care of our models and our ideas.

“Tribune” also means revealing yourself while reclaiming your body. Coming together around the artistic exploration of the nude, in turn photographers and models, also means digging deeper into ourselves, discovering our inner shell. Playing with this modesty built over time. »


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